Executive Coaching:

Are you, or your team, ready to reach the full potential you know you have?    Amaze™ can help your business reach its goals by removing all, or any blockages that may be holding you back. If people are an important asset to your organisation, and enhancing their capability will help deliver more, then Amaze have the experience and expertise to make it happen. Excellent team leadership leads to successful teams, and developing leadership skills is core to Amaze’s success. Just think, in 90 minutes you and your team can have greater capability to deliver! What have you got to lose? Be curious and Contact Us Now!

Sports Performance:

Are you falling short of delivering winning outcomes? Aware of anxiety,  or poor concentration,  when playing your sport? Are you training well but not performing on the day? Are you looking for the secrets of those winning the medals? You're not alone! Contact Amaze about our powerful programmes that can guarantee you reach your optimum sports performance level. Lose all nerves and anxiety and start winning!

Developing Musicians:

Music is your business and your passion. And believing in yourself is key in delivering your performance. Standing out from the rest can be the difference.   Unfortunately, pure music ability is not always enough to be the success you want to be. At Amaze, we have the experience and tools to give you the greatest chance for success in the music industry. Just contact us and we’ll share with you how our insights and techniques will help you get where you need to be, and develop as an industry professional.  

 "Always remember, you're unique. Just like everyone else."

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly

Head Coach

Fran is Head Coach and the Development of Potential Expert at Amaze™ and brings 32 years of experience in achieving potential within international business.

Marian Byrne
Marian Byrne


Marian has worked as a full time professional coach for the past 12 years working both on a one to one basis and with groups. She has developed and run programmes and courses for a number of large organisations

Jason Darcy
Jason Darcy


Jason is the newest member of the AmazeTM family. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the construction & music industries.



    If you are working in a complex environment, with greater time pressures, constant change and ever-higher demands on your skills, you might feel as though you are running just to stand still. So, who is looking after your development as a professional? Read more


    These unique and powerful programmes are ideal for any individual or team who are seeking to develop the potential they know they have within their sports discipline. The majority of those who have committed to this programme come from golf, boxing, canoeing, soccer, athletics and GAA. Read more


    As a soloist or band, you know you could be the next 'big' thing. You passionately believe in your music. But you're one of many who is trying to make it and you know there is a lot more that needs to happen to be that 'hit'. You can't control the music industry, but you can develop yourself. Read more
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